11 Years Professional LED Light OEM/ODM Manufacturer
   Safety Lights

Forklift Warning Lights

Developed to increase pedestrian awareness of the presence of moving hazards. The range includes multiple solutions offering varied visual warning styles from spots, arrows, danger zones and safety repeaters all designed to increase site safety by using light.

Beacon Signal

Our LED beacon lights for work trucks perform like a strobe light to provide an attention-getting flash patterns. We offer low-profile and high-profile beacons with a variety of mounting options.

Tail Lift Warning Lights

The warning light is designed with a special attention to tail lift safety, this increases visibility in contrast to tail lift flags that cannot be seen from the side of the tail lift in the dark.

Strobe LEDs

Surface Mount and Grille LED Strobe Lights can be mounted in out-of-the-way locations like fog light niches, grilles, roof racks, 

and fenders. They are the perfect Stealth Lights and won't be seen until you hit the ON Switch!

Crane Warning Lamp

Overhead Crane Safety Lights can help increase safety and reduce accidents in the workplace by providing visual warnings around hazardous zones and active equipment, such as crane hooks and forklifts. They also help overhead crane operators with precise positioning when handling heavy loads.

   LED Work Lights

Handle & Switch

Built-in handle and switch for easy operation. The top-mounted handle allows you to easily pivot the light up/down and left/right even while wearing heavy gloves, making this light ideal for work sites.


Quality and affordable LED offroad lights include led headlight bulbs, led light pod, led light bars, led work light for trucks, Jeeps, ATV and UTV


WETECH' heavy duty industrial LED lights for forklifts, skid steers, and other types of heavy equipment are an excellent upgrade over stock OEM lighting.


WETECH offers the widest selection of agricultural LED lights and AG LED lights for tractors, combines, skid steers and other farm equipment.

   Gobo Projectors
   Emergency Lanterns

These portable lights are designed to provide light and warning in case of an outage or other emergency. Lantern, spotlight, emergency light -- these handy devices have several functions. Plus, they come with hooks and magnets for easy hanging and hands-free use.

WETECH offers a wide range of gobos, projectors, and lasers for all your industrial, corporate, entertainment, and consumer needs for projected images. From custom and stock gobos to virtual sign-, outdoor- and holiday projectors

   Wireless Trailer Lights

We provide the automotive parts and hardware from mounting brackets, magnet base, power driver and more.

Be safe and visible on the road with the WETECH Wireless Trailer Lighting Kit. The cable free, magnetic lighting set for the rear of your trailer or machinery comes complete with an indicator, tail and brake light. The magnets make it quick and easy to attach to your vehicle and also makes it simple to swap the lighting system one machine to another.